New christian children’s book out now!

Page 6 of our new Christian Children's Book

After a long time in the making, we’ve finally finished formatting the pages, filled out all the forms, and clicked the final button. Published!

And God Spoke All These Words, Saying… Illustrated Puns for Fun Memorization,  is now available on Kindle and Paperback.

Well, it was a lot more involved than just clicking a button, but nevertheless, it was a fun process and now we are much more confident moving forward on future book projects! We also have a lot of extra content in the queue for And God Spoke All These Words, Saying…

  • Coloring book (sample pages can be downloaded as a thank you when subscribing to our mailing list)
  • Free Mini worksheets with conversation topics on each commandment for you and your kids to connect over
  • Flash cards for each 10 commandment pun
  • Posters
  • Hardcover edition of the book (this is a stretch goal for us because it would take a substantial amount of funding to produce)

New content will be added to the book page as it becomes available.

Our biggest desire is to get as much high quality content in your hands to aid you and your children in bible memorization!

How you can help: If you are interested in what we are working on here, please share our site and social media with your family and friends. If you purchase our book, we ask that you would leave a review on the page. Your positive review would help immensely with our search ranking and you would play a part in directly influencing the success of our efforts.