Christmas Ornament John 1:14, Oval Design by Generation AnimationChristmas Ornament John 1:14, Hand Written Design by Generation Animation

We’ve designed two special Christmas Ornaments this year based on the Bible verse John 1:14. We hope that our artwork blesses your family and friends this Christmas.

Download the Generation Animation 2016 Christmas ornament files for free today!


Home 3D Printing Tips for these models:

  • These print best with a raft, for better build plate adhesion.
  • Turn your filament retraction setting on.
  • Print the Oval Ornament design larger for better text legibility on FDM printers.
  • No supports needed. Already oriented to lay flat on the build plate.

Don’t have access to a 3D printer? No problem!

You can order these designs now through our online 3D printing marketplace. Make sure to pick your favorite color!

Visit our Products page for more information.

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When you have printed out your ornaments, make sure to Tweet @GenAnim the photos! We would love to see your prints!