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And God Spoke All These Words, Saying. . .

Illustrated Bible Puns For Fun Memorization

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This playful (and sometimes silly) approach to presenting the Word of God using visual puns and graphic associations is intended to be used as a memory aid.

Inspired by the hand-drawn flash cards my mother used to help me memorize the ten commandments when I was young, this book is a colorful and engaging work centered around the text of Exodus 20 for families to enjoy.

The Bible commends us to teach our children God’s words, and I am pleased that my artwork can play a part in helping you train up your children in the wisdom and truth of our Creator. I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I did putting it together!

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Wonderfully Charming and Witty Book

This is one of the most unique and fun takes I’ve seen for memorizing the Ten Commandments. It combines bright and beautiful, but hilarious illustrations with fresh and comical puns that encourage learning each Commandment without being dry or stale. This book is not afraid to poke fun at itself while still being respectful of the message that it’s giving. You and your child are in for a treat with “And God Spoke All These Words, Saying…”!

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Honestly the artwork is incredible but also captivating already for my 8 month old. Such an amazingly put together book for the family!

N. Elliot

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Amazing illustrations that does great in capturing the text!

Amazing Artwork that really captures the eye while at the same time relating to the text! …

R. Hafner

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Narrative Memorization

Each page creates a fun narrative around each commandment that aids you in memorizing the ten commandments. On top of that, the artwork is absolutely amazing…

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Check out our interactive youtube video! Click on the numbers on the left of the video to navigate to each commandment.

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